I’d like to share a quick business update with you before summer vacation starts for real in Sweden.

Last year, we launched our own bank payments solution. Our explicit goal was to disrupt what we considered a monopolized area of payments. And boy, did our team deliver! Not only did we manage to get the market out of the corner, we did it with some pzazz as well. I’m proud to share with you our achievements during the past six months:

  • 50+ new partners now use Zimpler Bank Payments
  • 1000%+ increase of transaction volumes
  • 95 % conversion on deposits
  • Full coverage in both Sweden and Finland
  • Cutting payment costs for partners with up to 70%
Chart showing growth from 32% in Q3 2019 to 357% in Q2 2020
Growth quarter over quarter for bank payments

Partnership is key

Of course, we couldn’t do all this by our lonesome. Partnership is the most important factor when delivering a successful product. All our customers have different needs and preferences so we work together between product teams to create the best possible solution for you and your customers.

Payouts for EU and the UK

This was supposed to be a post about what we achieved the past six months, but I’d be amiss if I didn’t mention that we are launching payouts for EU and the UK within the year. Read the press release here.

Happy to help you

If you are curious of our plans or have an idea how we can help you, please reach out either digitally or our newly doubled team in Malta.

I hope you’ll have a warm and relaxed summer.

Oskar Bjursten
CEO Zimpler

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