If I were a betting woman, I’d be willing to wager that your company puts a huge focus on innovation. “Innovate!” they scream wildly at you during every company workshop. “Get shit done!” stickers and poster adorning every meeting room and laptop. Excited managers, product owners and C-levels are forcing you all to collaborate and brainstorm about the next big win.

But I’d also be willing to bet that, as much as the company might talk about it, they are probably, like most others, actually doing everything the same way they always have. And potentially losing out on millions every year because of it.

Sweden blamed for poor Q4 results

This fear of the unknown, of doing anything that the others around you aren’t doing yet, is particularly poignant right now as it’s the time of the year when we are inundated with Q4 and Year-End reports and, unfortunately, in the iGaming space, the results from the biggest players have been poor across the board.

Business as usual

On the one hand, there are companies reporting:

📉 declining player value in Sweden

❌ Sweden as the largest detractor on overall year-on-year declines

💸 increase in supplier costs in Sweden as the main factor in gross profit margin decrease

☹️ general disappointment in the performance of the Swedish market

Whilst fortune favours the brave

Then, on the other hand, you have companies, like the one featured in our case study:

🤑 cut payment costs in Sweden by 50%

📈 increasing company EBITDA by 163%

❤️ can put money back into marketing and product to restart growth and improve profitability

One small step to saving tens of millions

But how? The second company was quick to realise that boldness, action and challenging the status quo are actually less dangerous and far less costly than “playing it safe”. How deviating from the norm will benefit the companies we work with daily.

There is nothing stopping the rest of you from being the ones to save your quarterly reports, just by being a tiny bit brave.

What all of these companies have in common is the potential to make massive savings by just going a little against the grain. You don’t have to sign up all the same game providers that the company next to you does — make your own decisions. You don’t have to open up every market that you see others entering — do your research and choose wisely. And you do not have to use the same one payment method that everyone else is using. The payment method that’s been around the longest and charges the most. You now have a choice.

We’re here for you

And now, the sales pitch! We have launched a business-saving product on several brands in Sweden and we’ve seen that a proper launch plan will cause minimal disruptions to player experience, maintain high conversion and savings of literally tens of millions of SEK per year — just by switching to Zimpler Bank Payments in Sweden.

Your next quarterly report will be full of green figures, of plus figures, of charts finally moving up instead of down. Your CEO will love you. Your owners, investors, shareholders will laugh all the way to the bank. And you? Well, you might make bonus (finally!) or you might get a promotion. But what is for certain is that you can walk into that next salary negotiation or that next job interview and say:

“I actually did something. I decided to do something that many others are scared to do and I ended up saving my company millions in costs per year.”

– You, 2020

Feeling brave? Get in touch with sales@zimpler.com.