BTCSWE adds Zimpler as their primary payment service provider for buying Bitcoin

Great news for all Swedes that want to buy bitcoin. You can now use Zimpler on BTCSWE, which has bragging rights to the cheapest rates in the country. How about that?

Zimpler has been expanding at a rapid pace within the cryptocurrency sphere and expects the agreement to solidify their presence in the blockchain space further.

“We are super excited to get to work with the most prominent actor on the Swedish market,” says Jonas Persson, VP Sales at Zimpler. “BTCSWE is a key player in making bitcoin a mainstream currency.”

Christopher Eriksson, General Manager at Snowlab, adds

“We are in a very exciting period in time where we have just begun bridging the gap between the traditional financial system and the new digital financial system. Buying cryptocurrency should be a very easy and streamlined process, so we are using Zimpler and taking the best parts of the traditional system using payment methods like card and instant bank transfer. Combine this with a super easy KYC-process and excellent customer support, and you will have more people taking the step moving into crypto.”

Check out BTCSWE here.