Why Gambling Affiliates Should Stop Caring About the Casino Bonus

I worked at a casino affiliate for over 4 years and for the majority of that time, we focused a lot on the bonuses that casinos offered their players. Back in the day, the bigger the bonus, the better the casino converted. Players love free stuff and who doesn’t?

But as the years went on and we added up the bonus deductions, removed CPA for bonus abuse and all the other ways affiliate commissions get reduced due to these freebies, we began to look at the bigger picture and so, it seems, did the players.

Now, more than ever, the product offering as a whole is what converts and keeps the players and it is what affiliates should look at when negotiating deals and deciding who to put in their highest traffic positions.

First, there was gamification

For a while, gamification was heralded as the ‘next big thing’ for conversion and retention and it certainly had its day. Players connected more with the brands, they got that extra rush, not only from winning but from completing achievements, opening up new areas of the casino, battling bosses and each other.

But now, the next generation of product improvements has arrived. It begins right at player registration and it is taking the industry by storm. In my last year at Catena, we noticed a certain type of casino was converting better, retaining better and generating much better player values.

Then, payments took centre stage

The casinos that were driving the most high-value NDC were those offering a new type of payment provider.

One that removes the manual signup process for players. Now a simple deposit creates an account automatically for them.

One that prevents players from having their account locked due to time-consuming and long-winded KYC processes. Now, the payment method automatically KYCs players upon first deposit.

One that facilitates instant withdrawals.

Now, why you should care about ZimplerGO instead

ZimplerGO offers your players all of these perks and more. Whether you’re a gambling affiliate or a gambling website, now is when you sit up and take notice.

Zimpler is coming in to wipe out all the annoying parts of playing at a casino.

  1. No manual signup (instant upon first deposit)
  2. No manual KYC (instant upon first deposit)
  3. Instant withdrawals (huge retention booster)
  4. A selection of the markets most popular payment methods
  5. Very reasonable payment commercials

1, 2, 3 and 4 are huge benefits to the players and they will really boost conversion as well as make that player come back again and again.

5 and 6 are what the affiliates and gambling sites should be extra excited about. Reasonable fees mean larger margins for the casinos and, eventually, lower admin fee on rev share for affiliates. Risk-free payments mean that Zimpler covers the cost of any fraud or chargebacks, so casinos always get what should be settled to them and it’s another cost that affiliates are less likely to be punished with.

Get in touch today

ZimplerGO is currently available in Sweden, with Finland coming soon and many more popular European markets later this year.

If you’re an affiliate and interested in which brands are offering (or soon to be offering) ZimplerGO, get in touch!

If you are a Swedish licensed casino who is interested in learning more about the product, we’re ready to help!